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Avast Ye: video game

Updated: Oct 25, 2018

I'm sitting in the little theatre of the Talmage building soaking up the creative energy of that room. I glance around at the art plastered walls, waiting for the presentation.

Jessica Runyan and her team take the stage and proceed to blow us away with their beautifully organized video game pitch. A fallen ant queen leads her crew of pirates on a quest; solving puzzles and battling monsters, to find a lost treasure and regain their honor. The team presented a working prototype of the game and a fully fledged plan of how to finish it.

It's been fun and challenging to work as a team to identify visual problems and then come up with solutions. People's strengths really start to shine through and we start to depend on them. Thanks to the guidance of the team leads, we've been able to get so much done. The game is still under development, but my concept design class is now moving on to another project. I'm hoping I'll have time to submit some more artwork here and there, but the artwork included below will be the majority of my contributions.

Students working on the project: (not comprehensive)

Team Leads:

Jessica Runyan, Director

Sarah Tippets, Art Director

Shawn Liu, Team Lead

Concept Artists:

Alissa Alvarez

Amelia Hillebrant

Andrea Davila

Brenden Thorne

Connor Matthewson

Chase Hooper, Modeling

Conor Searing

Daniela Vicente

Derrick Drysdale

Do Park

Jared Nickerl

James Leavy

Jessica Whittaker Joseph Buenning

Katie Wald

Lauren Passey

Lincoln Cluff

Rachel Rounsville

Steve Martin

Taylor Allen

Yu Jin Shin

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